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Branden Taschuk Testimonial

Branden Taschuk – Agriterra Equipment, Alberta, Canada. Branden & the team at Agriterra have been selling Agrispread machines for the past year. Check out his testimonial below..

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Simon Smart – Testimonial

Simon is a Broadacre Farmer in Geraldton, Western Australia. He has been running an AS 130 on tracks the past year. See more of what he has to say below..

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Wes Harding – Testimonial

Wes farms with his family in the southern end of Western Australia. They have just finished their third season utilising the AS120. Watch video below to see & hear more…

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Testimonial: Simon Codemo

Simon Codemo – Codemo Machinery. A family run business based in Griffith, New South Wales. At the dealership they have been selling Agrispread machines for the past 3 years. Watch Simons testimonial below to hear some more..

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