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Welcome to AgriSpread

Founded in 2006, AgriSpread is a family owned agricultural machinery manufacturer based in Ballyhaunis Co Mayo. Over the years the company has developed an extensive range of agricultural machinery. With over 50 year’s experience, the company operates from a purpose built factory which boasts the latest in cutting, bending, welding and spraying technology. The company now brands its extensive range of agricultural machinery under the Agrispread brand which now includes AgriSpread Australia and AgriSpread North America.

Currently, the company’s products are exported to over a dozen countries including Australia, America, New Zealand, Holland, Germany, United Kindom and South Africa. Constantly improving and developing new products, AgriSpread aims to become a leader in the fertiliser and lime spreading sector by increasing home and export sales and adding new markets for its products.Recent developments like AgriSpreads rate controller for trailed spreaders is now leading the way in trailed spreader applicators. With the launch of the Isocan Rate controller in 2016, this will bring AgriSpread to the forefront in spreader rate control technology.